10 Questions to ask

It is essential to choose carefully the agent who will take care of what is the most important investment of your life.

  1. What makes you different than the other brokers? Why should I list my property with you?
  2. The real estate market is more demanding than it was ten years ago. What kind of marketing programs does the real estate broker prepare to make sure that your house will be favorably distinguished from similar houses? What does your real estate broker offer you compared to the others to help you sell your house faster at the best price while minimizing the worries?

  3. What is the perception of your company's history and reputation in the market?
  4. Wherever your agent is positioned, it seems that brokers proclaim that they are ahead of the competition in all their approaches, including the number of houses they sold. As like most of the owners, you are probably not paying attention to this information anymore. You would think that after all “what is the use of hiring a broker who sold more houses than others. The only thing that is important to me is if my house will be sold quickly and at the best price”.

    Well, it is because you want to sell your house quickly and at the best price that you should ask the broker how many houses he/she sold. You will agree that in the field of real estate, success comes from selling properties. If a broker sells many houses compared to another one who sold just a few, ask yourself this question: “What differentiates these two brokers?”

  5. What marketing strategies are you planning for my house?
  6. If you compare your broker to the other agents, how does he/she invest in advertising listed properties? Which media is he/she using (newspapers, Internet, virtual visits, information line, etc.?). Can the broker compare the efficiency of the various media?

  7. Which houses did your company sell in my neighborhood?
  8. Brokers should give you a complete list of the sales they made and of the comparable sales in your neighborhood.

  9. Who controls the advertising: you or your real estate firm?
  10. If the control of the advertising is not in the hands of the broker (meaning the broker does not own the control of his/her own advertising), it means that your property will compete against not only the other listings of this broker but also against all the properties listed by the other brokers of that firm.

  11. On average, during a sale, what is the difference between the asking price and the selling price?
  12. This information is available through the Real Estate Board in your region. Is this broker more successful or less successful than the average shown by the Board? The result will act as a barometer to predict the price range you will obtain for the purchase of your property.

  13. On average, what is the timeframe to complete the sale of one of your listings?
  14. This information is also available through the Real Estate Board. Does the broker sell faster or slower than the average shown by the Board? The answer to this question will tell you the amount of time required to complete the sale of your house.

  15. On average, how many potential buyers are you dealing with at once?
  16. In fact, the more buyers your broker deals with the better your chances to sell your house rapidly. Furthermore, a high number of buyers impacts the price because the broker can organize an auction environment where several buyers simultaneously make a promise to purchase for your house. Ask the broker to describe his/her approach to attract buyers .

  17. Can you provide me with a list of clients to contact?
  18. Ask to see that list and verify a few contacts at random.

  19. Can you give a guarantee of your performance?
  20. Most real estate brokers wish for a long term contract in order to recoup their investment in time and money spent to sell your house. This procedure is normal, but does the broker offer a guarantee? Does he/she have a written marketing plan? What happens if the plan is not executed as promised? Ask the broker to give you a copy of that plan. Make a thorough and objective evaluation of the 10 answers for each of the brokers. Which one can accomplish the best work for you? These questions will help you make a decision.