19 usefull tips

  1. The first impression
  2. Don't forget that the first impression visitors have will be from the main entrance of the house. Make sure that everything is clean and freshly painted, as required. The grass and landscaping must be maintained regularly and make sure dead leaves and garbage in backyard are not visible. Remove the snow if it snowed as well as any ice on the stairs or entrance.

  3. Present the house the way it is
  4. In order to avoid having to explain what the house could look like, make sure to refresh areas with paint where applicable, replace wall paper if damaged, repair visible cracks as well as broken tiles if necessary.

  5. Let the sunshine in
  6. Open the blinds and curtains; the visitor will see how bright and joyful your house is.

  7. No leaking faucets
  8. Leaking faucets spoil the look of a bath or sink and indicate defective plumbing.

  9. Even the smallest detail is important
  10. Take the time to verify that all the doors, drawers, sliding and casement windows work well. Make all the adjustments and your house will increase in value.

  11. Safety First
  12. Make sure that the stairs are free from any obstacles and that everything is tidy because visitors will want to see everything, safely! Accidents must be avoided because they might ruin the visit … don't forget, you are trying to sell!

  13. From top to bottom
  14. Enhance the look of the attic, light up the basement and other storage areas. A coat of paint in the basement might make the whole difference.

  15. Maximize storage areas
  16. This is the opportunity to clean up the cupboards and show visitors that they will have lots of storage space.

  17. Bathrooms influence the decision of the buyer
  18. These rooms must be sparkling clean, faucets cleaned, cracks and missing caulking filled, clean towels and personal toiletries neatly arranged.

  19. Welcoming bedrooms
  20. Light up these rooms and keep them clean, remove useless furniture, use nice and colorful comforters and clean the blinds and curtains.

  21. Lighting, a key element
  22. A well-lit house is a sign of welcoming. If visitors come during the evening, leave the outside and inside lights on and replace light bulbs if required.

  23. Too many people
  24. Avoid having too many people in the house during a visit, the buyers would have the impression of disturbing your family life and will tend to hurry their visit and might miss some important features your house has to offer.

  25. Soft music
  26. Your taste in music might be different from a visitor's, make sure you lower the sound and turn off the television. Let your RE/MAX broker talk to his/her client in peace, the results might surprise you.

  27. Beware of the dog
  28. Animals are human's best friends, but some visitors might be afraid of them and can't stand their presence – make sure you keep them at a distance.

  29. Let the RE/MAX broker do the talking
  30. Be welcoming and attentive but don't do the work of the broker. The client is there to visit, not to have a conversation.

  31. The best looking house in the area
  32. It might be true, but let the buyer discover that by him/herself! Don't talk about the unique opportunity available to him/her. If the visitor tells you about some defects or expresses a rude remark, be attentive and keep your comments to yourself – the RE/MAX broker will intervene.

  33. Avoid ruining the sale
  34. While the opportunity might be there, don't offer to sell your furniture and accessories to the buyer on the spot. Be calm and relax; your RE/MAX broker knows what to do and when to do it.

  35. Negotiations
  36. Let your RE/MAX broker start the discussion process with the visitor, about the selling price, payment terms and occupancy date. Your agent is a professional who knows how to conduct the negotiations, always to your advantage.

  37. Trust
  38. Your RE/MAX broker is at your service at all times. Before making any important decisions relating to the sale of your house, talk to him/her. He/she has a solid experience and is always available.